Friday, December 2, 2011

Filmfest Entry Deadline

Entry of Filmfest material was extended to December 6, 2011 at 12noon.

Tip to film makers:

1. This is a short filmfest, Keep entry to a shortest possible time, a 15 minute entry is more than enough
   as long as the Story is relayed well.
2. Acting should be refined. Minimalist acting is powerful.
3. You can keep location shooting to 1 or 2 places only, due to time constraint.
4. Music can do wonders to your film.
5. Full vernacular language film is acceptable, with english or filipino subtitle.
6. Black and white and silent film is acceptable.
7. Documentary acceptable.

note: Instructors and Staff are allowed to appear in a cameo (extra) role but not entitled to compete in the acting category. They can also help in the different aspect of actual film making as adviser, but cannot be nominated.  Only students compete for the awards.  The award (trophy) of Best Picture belongs to the respective Campus.

Please see example of award winning short films (Filipino and Foreign) for your reference:

1. Titit

2. Cellphone

See you at the Awards night....

Barmie Caluza
Coordinator - AIE Short Filmfest

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