Monday, December 26, 2016


Please be informed that the AIE College Grand Reunion/Homecoming scheduled on December 28, 2016 will be postponed to next year.

We presumed that because of the holidays, we got practically no positive response from Alumni, hence, the College decided to cancel the activity and postpone it indefinitely to next year.

Enjoy the rest of the holidays Alumni!

Wednesday, December 14, 2016

1st Grand Alumni Homecoming Party of AIE College


Announcing the 1st Grand Alumni Homecoming Party of All AIE Graduates from year 2004 to 2016 from ALL AIE Branches.

Don't Forget!  The day is Wednesday, December 28, 2016 at 5:00pm.  Venue is tentatively set at STAR PLAZA HOTEL or LENOX HOTEL Dagupan City. Please stay tune for any changes in Venue.

Dinner Ticket is P800 which includes Sumptous dinner buffet, Up to two (2) glasses of wine will be served for toast. Souvenir T-Shirt will also be received by each alumni.   

Part of the proceeds will be for the use of building funds of AIE College head office. Calling all Alumni to help.

During the event, a new Grand Alumni Association will be formed, and sworn into office, to take charge of the future AIE grand alumni homecoming events.  Ideally a Grand Alumni Homecoming will be hosted by a particular campus year batch.

"Each Campus year batch" will be asked to nominate their Representative. All representatives forms part of the core group and will meet briefly to select their officers. Alumni Officers will be sworn-in on the same night."

Alumni Presentations:   Each "Year batch" or "campus year batch" are expected to have a song, musical or dance performance number during the event.

Alumni Speakers:  Successful Alumni Speakers are invited to give inspirational talk on the event.  Calling All Alumni --- please help nominate successful alumni/s which we could invite to speak.

Exchange Gift: Alumni can bring unlimited gifts for exchange gifts. Each gift should be worth at least P200.

Alumni can bring their husband or wife, or friends to the event. Alumni kids who are 6years old and above can also come with 50% discount on tickets.

Important!!!  - Please RSVP  -  Please Confirm your attendance early so we may know how many tables and plates to set up, including t-shirts and other souvenirs.

Tickets can be secured on the registration table on the day of the event or you may Order your tickets ahead of time.

For other inquiries and concerns:

Alumni please coordinate with the AIE head office organizers-
(please call, text or pm facebook of the following:)
Mr. Reanne Mejia​ 0925-3258186
Mr. James Xander Ibay Mercado​ 0906-8217621
Mr. Alex "Vince Juan"​ Balderamos 0923-1801384
Mr. Neil Corpuz​ 0930-7691934

2016 Alumni Homecoming Facebook link:

NOTE:  Former teachers and staff/officers who were previously connected with AIE are most invited to come with 50% discount on tickets.


Sunday, December 11, 2016

AIE College Official Logo

Official Logo of AIE College

We are relaunching the Official Logo of  AIE College.

Color:     Dominant Color is Leaf Green and Yellow Gold which is the official color of AIE College.

Cross:    A Christian College. The College ascribe greatness to our God, lifting the Lord Jesus Christ as the
              banner of the school.

Book:    Symbolizes unending commitment to quality higher education.

Green Eagle:   The official symbol of AIE College particularly in Sports competition.

Sun:   Symbolizes our passion for Culture and Heritage.

AIE College' Central Dogma:

"EVOLVERE IUVENES DUCES IN GLORIAM DEI"   - "To develop young Godly Leaders for the Glory of God"

Friday, December 2, 2016

Winners of Urduja Film Festival'sHe Heritage Film Awards 2016

Held at Sison Auditorium Lingayen Pangasinan in December 1, 2016

Winners of the Urduja Heritage Film Awards during the 3rd Urduja Film Festival. (L-R) Jun-Jun Quintana Best Actor for the Film "Water Lemon", Jess Mendoza Best Supporting Actor for the Film "Iisa" , Bianca Patungan from Artikulo Uno for the film "Heneral Luna", Danny Evangelista for Allen Dizon for the film "Imbisibol", Liza Dino Best Supporting Actress for the Film "Toto", Nora Aunor Best Actress for the Film "Taklub", Eufrocina Pena from Center for Kampangpangan Studies for the Best Film "Ari: My Life With A King", Direk Zig Dulay Best Film for "Bambanti" , Aaron Rivera Best Supporting Actor for the Film "Taklub" and Best Film "Taklub", and Robby Tantingco Best Screenplay for "Ari My Life With A King"