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The AIE College Quiz Bee will be held at Green Valley Resort and Hotel, Baguio City Philippines on December 09, 2010 in celebration of AIE College 7th Annual Anniversary.


1. The contest is open to all AIE students officially enrolled this 2nd trimester 2010.

2. Each AIE Campus is entitled for two entries, one (1) entry for General knowledge quiz bee and one (1) entry for I.T. quiz bee.

3. Each entry is composed of two members, male or female.

4. Each entry must have one (1) adviser.

5. Members must wear their school I.D. at the time of the contest.

6. Members must be at the venue 30 minutes before the start of the contest.

7. No registration fee will be collected from the participants.

8. The coverage of the quiz bee are as follows:

a. General Knowledge Quiz Bee

i. Mathematics (College Algebra & Trigonometry)

ii. English

iii. Social Science

iv. General Science

v. Current trends

vi. Politics

vii. History

b. IT Quiz bee

i. Computer Fundamentals

ii. Current Trends in IT

iv. Programmingiii. History

v. System Analysis and Design

vi. Computer Architectures

vii. Operating Systems

viii. Internet

9. Each participating team must accomplish entry registration form provided and to be submitted on or before December 03, 2010 to the Chairman of Committee through our email address


1. Only recognized participants shall be allowed to take the contestant’s seat.

2. In case a regular member fails to come, no replacements shall be allowed. One (1) member for each participating team is enough to proceed to the contest.

3. Advisers are given a specific area where they can observe the contest and are not allowed to go near within the participant’s seats.

4. The Quiz Master / Host will read each question twice which is projected in the screen.

5. Questions shall come in the following forms:

a. Multiple choice

b. Identification

c. True or False

d. Problem Solving

e. Program Coding and analysis (for IT Quiz bee)

6. The quiz bee is divided into three (3) rounds.

a. Easy (10 questions, 1 point each)

b. Average (10 questions, 2 points each)

c. Difficult (10 questions, 3 points each)

7. No elimination is given for each round.

8. Participating team is given 20 seconds time to answer each question for the easy round, 40 seconds for the average round, and 1 minute for the difficult round.

9. The end of each answer time given will be signaled by a buzzer and the participants are required to raise their answers for checking by designated proctors.

10. The participants must write their answers on the Answer Sheets provided by the organizers and is required to answer using CAPITAL LETTERS only. Misspelled answers are rendered wrong.

11. Once the answers have been checked, The Quiz Master / Host will announce the correct answer and correct answers will be reflected in the score sheets.

12. There will be no penalty for any wrong answers.

13. Only Advisers is allowed to protest as to the accuracy of an answer/question. Protest must be lodged with the technical panel composed of advisers from the different participating teams together with the committee before proceeding with the next question.

14. Decision made by the committee in cases like number 10 occurs is final and must be treated wi

th utmost respect

15. Any team caught in an act of cheating or any form of dishonesty shall be automatically disqualified.

16. In case of tie, a tie-breaker question shall be given and the winner will be determined in a first-to-

score basis.

17. The top-three participating teams shall be declared Champion, 1st runner-

up, and 2nd runner-up respectively.



Quiz bee winners shall be announced and awarded during the Awards Night.

For inquiries, you may contact Mr. Sherwyn D. Allibang (Angeles), Ms. Charity Ceneciro (Angeles), and Ms. Beverly Abuan (Dagupan).

Good Luck!



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