Sunday, November 14, 2010

Cheerdance Competition Guidelines



Eligibility of participants

1. All participants must be official students either Diploma or BS only of the AIE branch/team and must meet all their eligibility requirements:

a) Officially enrolled at the time of the competition

b) Should be in good standing

Official List of participants (cheer dancers) must be submitted on or before December 4, 2010 thru email: (head facilitator of cheerdance competition).

2. The team must be composed of minimum of twelve (12) members and a maximum of twenty five (25) members. (dancers, cheerer, lifters, flyers, spotters) Penalty-5 points deduction from the total score

3. During the foundation day, Team leader or team adviser must report immediately to

the Cheer dance competition facilitator or sports chairman for registration, briefing and the team’s number.


1. All participants must exhibit the highest level of sportsmanship before, during and after the competition;

2. All participants must be at the competition venue at the designated time. Grace period is 2 minutes. Penalty-5 points deduction from the total score.

3. The same level of sportsmanship is expected from the teams’ branch and other supporters.

4. Grave acts against sportsmanship but not limited to sabotage, physical violence, libel, stealing, and the like shall be dealt with the full force of the law after an appropriate investigation is conducted.

Apparel and Accessories

1. Soft-soled shoes with adequate support must be worn while competing is highly encouraged.

2. Jewelries of any kind and Stockings are prohibited.

3. Gloves and Face paint are allowed

4. Ribbons, rubber bands and hairpins are allowed but must be properly secured.

5. Inappropriate and vulgar clothing will not be allowed.

Routine Timing

1. The minimum length of performance is four (4) minutes and a maximum of ten (10) minutes. Penalty – 5 points deduction from the total score.

2. A one-minute pre-set will be given each team. After such, team’s time will automatically starts.

3. The Team timing will begin with the first organized movement of a cheer, sideline or dance, the first note of music or the building of a pyramid or stunt. Competitors may do spirited tumbling exit as long as it is with the given exit time.

4. The team should leave the floor immediately after their routine together with their props.


1. Profanity and other inappropriate language are strictly prohibited. Penalty-disqualification.

2. Music must not be longer than ten (10) minutes. Audience participation is not required though encouraged.

3. The use of drums and other instruments are allowed.

4. Each team/branch is required to assign 1 official representative to check the music/cds 30 minutes before the competition starts and assist the technical personnel throughout t

he entire performance.

5. Only MP3 of WAV file formats recorded on compact discs are allowed in the competition. CDs must be submitted 30 minutes before the competition starts. Back up is highly encouraged.

Interruption of Performance

1. In the event performance is interrupted because of technical reasons caused by the event equipment, facilities, etc, the team shall be given the option to either resume their performance from where it stopped or repeat their entire performance.

2. In the event the performance is interrupted because of failure of team’s own equipment supplies, tools, music, props, acts or any of the same kind, the team must either continue the performance or withdraw from the competition.

3. In the event of minor injury, the team can continue either with or without the injured member. In the event of a major injury (ie. Immobility, unconsciousness, excessive bleeding) the c

heer dance officials reserves the right to stop the performance and to provide proper medical attention. The team will be judged according to where the performance ended.

Props and Equipment

1. Wearable articles that may impede vision or deemed potentially injurious to the wearer or teams are not permitted.

2. Any height increasing apparatus used to propel competitor is prohibited. Penalty: disqualification

3. Flags, banners, signs, pompons are the only props allowed. Props with poles or similar support apparatus may not be used in conjunction with any kind of stunt or tumbling. All props must be safety discarded out of harms (ie. Throwing a hand sign or banner across or behind the mat from a stunt would be illegal) Penalty: disqualification

4. Mascots are not permitted to use any props.

Technical Rules

1. Three to Five (3-5) judges will score the whole performance.

2. Each judge is responsible for scoring all the categories of the routine.

3. The decision of the Board of Judges is final and executory.

General Deductions

o Less than or more than the required Number of participants (5 points)

o Grace period violation (5points)

o Exceeded the time allotment (5 points)

Criteria for Judging

  1. Choreography/execution 15%
  2. Timing/Synchronization 15%
  3. Precision 15%
  4. Difficulty 25%
  5. Creativity/originality 10%
  6. Showmanship 15%
  7. Audience impact 5%


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Cheerdance Competition Facilitator

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