Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Badminton Competition


1. All participants must be official students either Diploma or BS only of the AIE branch/team and must meet all their eligibility requirements:
a) Officially enrolled at the time of the competition
b) Should be in good standing
Official List of the players must be submitted on or before December 8, 2010 thru email: mark_anthony_tiangson@yahoo.com (head facilitator of Badminton competition).
2.  Each AIE branch must have their entry for single men / women and double for men / women badminton.
3. During the foundation day, Team leader or team adviser must report immediately to
    the Badminton facilitator or sports chairman for registration, briefing and the player’s number.

1. All players must exhibit the highest level of sportsmanship before, during and after the competition;
2. All players must be at the competition venue at the designated time. Grace period is 2 minutes. Penalty-5 points deduction from the total score.
3. The same level of sportsmanship is expected from the players and other supporters.
4. Grave acts against sportsmanship but not limited to sabotage, physical violence, libel, stealing, and the like shall be dealt with the full force of the law after an appropriate investigation is conducted.

Apparel and Accessories
1.  The player must wear the proper outfit (T-Shirt, sport shorts and rubber shoes).
2.  Jewelries or any accessories are prohibited.
3. Each player must have their own badminton racket. Shuttlecock will be provided by the committee.

Game Proper
1st game – double for men
2nd game – double for women
3rd game – single for men
4th game – single for women

Prepared by:

Mark Tiangson
Badminton Facilitator

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