Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Power Dance


1.  The power dance competition is open to all interested dance groups composed of 4 to12 members, groups maybe all male, all female or mixed. Each dance group shall represent a specific AIE Campus.
2.  Each participating group is required to register and submit the filled out registration form.
3.   The dance piece can be composed of any dance genre. (Except interpretative dance)
4.   Dance routine should be a minimum of three (3) minutes and maximum of five (5) minutes performance.
5.   Each group must furnish their audio CD containing the music they shall be using. CD must be cued and ready to play. Back up music/CD is strongly recommended.
6.  Dancers should be in costume or related attire or get up, warmed up, and ready to perform at least one hour before their scheduled performance.
7.   Dance steps, body movements and attires hould conform to normal standards of morality and good conduct.
8.   All songs used in the performance piece must be appropriate and suitable for any age. Foul taste in music such as profanity will result in disqualification.
9.   Use of props will be allowed as long as it will not cause any delay in the program and those that may harm the performance of other groups. Props such as oil, confetti, fire, broken glass, live animals, sharp objects and the like are prohibited. Violation of this provision shall mean disqualification of the group.
10. All participants should conduct themselves in a manner displaying good sportsmanship throughout the competition. Any demonstration of un-sportsman like conduct will result in disqualification.
11. Criteria for Judging:
30%      Choreography& Style
25%      Execution/Difficulty
15%      Concept
10%      Originality
10%      Attire/Creativity
10%      Audience Impact
12.  Only three (3) groups with the highest scores will be competing again on the gala night for the ranking.
13.  The sequence of performance shall be decided through drawing of lots to be done prior to the show proper.
Registration form for the Power Dance Competition must be submitted thru email at stef_garcia911@yahoo.com on or before December 8, 2010. 

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