Saturday, December 1, 2012

2nd AIE Film Festival


Entry of Filmfest material must be submitted on or before 7pm of December 4 , 2012, contact person is Sir Barmie Caluza.

Please submit 2 copies of DVD of official campus entry.

Tip to film makers:

1. This is a short filmfest, Keep entry to a shortest possible time, duration should be minimum 10 minutes to maximum 40 minutes.
2. Theme is open but should reflect positive moral or cultural values.
3. Best Acting should give justice to the story. Minimalist acting is powerful.
4. Full vernacular language film is acceptable, with english or filipino subtitle.
5. Black and white and silent film is acceptable.
6. Documentary acceptable.

note: Instructors and Staff are allowed to appear in a cameo role and entitled to compete in the acting category only for the Supporting trophies. They can also help in the different aspect of actual film making as adviser, but cannot be nominated.  Only students compete for the major acting and technical awards.  The award (trophy) of Best Picture belongs to the respective Campus.

Official Entries will be in competition for the following honors:

Best Picture (1st, 2nd and 3rd)
Best Actor
Best Actress
Best Director
Best Supporting Actor
Best Supporting Actress
Best Cinematography and Editing
Best Story and Screenplay
Best Production Design, Costume and or Make up
Best Sound and or Musical Score



  1. We at AIE College Cabanatuan have prepared for the film since the trimester started and we're done editing the film for almost a couple of weeks from now. We've been checking this blog from time to time for updates since November 8 (when the first posting was made) but we never see anything for the Film Festival.

    Therefore, we followed the guideline last year, stating that "a 15 minute entry is more than enough" & since no MAXIMUM LIMIT was mentioned, we created a film with the same length as what we had last year, a 30 MINUTE SHORT FILM. If we are going to re-edit the film, we will definitely have a hard time to omit some scene since most of it are considered to be IMPORTANT to understand the story.

    We wonder why is it only now that this guideline was released. Let's say that we still have 4 days to work on the editing, I don't think it's fair enough to give a late notice with unexpected changes.

    Thank you

    1. Hola! Hi Icona, yes we usually follow last years guidelines if there's no new posting on mechanics. we intend to reduce duration of short film to shortest acceptable time accorded to a standard Short Film..but because of lack of time announcing the new rules we cannot reduce further, hence official duration will be a modest 10 to 40 minutes. Next year it will be reduced to a new standard -7 minutes to 30 minutes maximum. sorry for the mix up and thank you for your love of the cinema. cheers..