Tuesday, November 22, 2011

AIE Philippines Film Festival

AIE Philippines Film Festival 2011


AIE Philippines Short Film Festival (APSFF) will be an annual short film festival that will be held in AIE College. The festival, which runs from 2nd week of November to the first week of DECEMBER, focuses on AIE campus-produced films. Further, it is in the full participation of all students being mobilized in this area of occupation as well as their enhancement to this particular skill.
Best Festival Picture – the highest award
2nd Best Picture
3rd Best Picture

Artistry- 30%
Creativity and technical excellence-30%
 Innovativeness and global appeal- 30%
 Filipino, cultural and/or historical value- 10%

Other Major Awards:
·         Best Director- best in Overall production and supervision of A film  Note: The Winner of Best Picture automatically gets Best Director award.
·         Best Actor- the best performance of an actor in a leading role.
·         Best Actress- the best performance of an actress in a leading role.
·         Best Supporting Actor- the best performance of an actor in a supporting role.
·         Best Supporting Actress- the best performance of an actress in a supporting role.
·         Best Festival Screenplay- best written script version of a play / dramatic composition prepared for motion-picture production.
·         Best Story (original or adapted) - best in firsthand play / dramatic composition for film showing.
·         Best Cinematography-  best in camera shooting expressing artistry or visual clarity, including lightings that contribute to overall image of the film.
·         Best Editing – organized and flawless transition of scenes.  
·         Best Musical Score or Sound Recording- best in overall sound quality and musical application.
·         Best Production Design- best in production settings including location, props, costumes, and makeup, etc.

Guidelines and mechanics
1.     Each campus must have an entry to the said competition. All participants of the play (casts, characters and production staff) must be currently enrolled of AIE College.
2.     The jury is composed of film enthusiasts and critics in the field of drama and theater arts, media and entertainment.
3.     There will be no specific genre or theme required, as long as it bears or express a moral lesson. Extreme violence and nudity strictly not allowed.  
4.     The movie to be played must be digitally done. Video recording using cellular phone camera is acceptable.
5.     The film’s running time must be for a minimum of 15 minutes, and a maximum of 45 minutes.
6.     Trailer of the movie must be included in the submission, it must Not be more than 45 seconds.
7.   Copy of the film and the Trailer must be placed in 2 separate CDs/ or USB and must be submitted to the Head Office ---
      Submission EXTENDED UNTIL Tuesday
      December 6, 2011 (Tuesday,  by 12:00 NOON) - please look for Sir Felix.
8.   Winners of the said competition will be announced during the President’s ball, December 9, 2011 in Baguio City.

Coordinator - AIE Philippines Short Film Festival

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