Friday, November 25, 2011

AIE Singing Superstar



1)     Participants must be a bonafide student of AIE College and should be officially enrolled this 2nd trimester 2011.
2)     Certificate of Registration may be required for validation purposes.
3)     Male or Female.
4)     Open to all ages.

1)     Participants must prepare a singing piece for the elimination and final round. Singing piece can either be English or Tagalog at any genre, but must not contain any subliminal, sexually suggestive or offensive lyrics. Non-compliance will be grounds for disqualification.
2)     Important: Participants must submit there minus one in audio CD format, plus a back up copy of the minus one on USB to Ms. Jobeth Calicdan on or before December 09, 2011.
3)     CD labels must include the following:
ü  Name of Campus
ü  Name of Participant
ü  Track no. & song title of the singing piece for the elimination and final round
4)     Attire must be appropriate for the competition.
5)     Contestant must be present at least one hour before the competition. Failure to comply might lead to point deduction or default.
6)     No musical instruments such as guitar, etc. should be used.  Only minus one is accepted. This is to audibly hear the vocals of the participant for the judges’ convenience.

Elimination Round Guidelines:

Ø  Schedule: December 09, 2011
Ø  Time: 1:00 PM
Ø  Only five (5) contestants will be chosen to move forward for the final round.
Ø  Announcement of final contestants will be after the elimination round. Contestants must prepare for the final round.

Final Round Guidelines:

Ø  Schedule: December 09, 2011
Ø  Time: 7:00 PM
Ø  Scores in the elimination round will bear no significance for the final round (BACK TO ZERO BASIS).
Ø  Change of singing piece is NOT ALLOWED.

CRITERIA FOR JUDGING are as follows:

Voice quality & style             -----      40%
Interpretation & timing        -----      30%
Stage Performance               -----      20%
Overall impact                       -----      10%
TOTAL                                        =    100%
NOTE: Same criteria will be applied both for the elimination and final round.

Deadline for submission of entries will be on DECEMBER 2, 2011. Entries should include the following:
  • Name of Contestant
  • Age
  • Course and Year Level
  • Title of song with artist

Good luck and God Bless!!!

Prepared by:
AIE Singing Superstar Committee

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