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Dance Craze Mechanics




1.   Dance Craze competition is Open to All AIE Students officially enrolled this 2nd trimester 2011. COR and/or ID might be required for verification purposes.
2.   A participating campus must submit their entry/registration form on or before December 02, 2011 thru email:

1.   The dance piece must be that of a  Dance craze (Street Dance or Hiphop).
2.   Dance performance must be a minimum of three (3) minutes and maximum of five (5) minutes. A corresponding deduction of two (2) points is given every five (5) seconds overtime or time shortage. Ten (10) seconds pre-set is given each group. After such, group’s time automatically starts.
3.   Dance troupe must compose of a minimum of five (5) and maximum of ten (10) members.
4.   Groups should wear clothing reflecting the character and style of the performance.
5.   MUSIC
a.    Groups may use a performance piece with a minimum of two (2) songs with no maximum limit.
b.   Groups must submit their final Material on CD (2 copies) 2 days prior to the competition.
c.    Special request regarding playback of music during competition must be indicated on the CD’s submitted (i.e. higher speed playback, pre-set before Play back, etc.).
d.   Changes in Music will not be entertained after the deadline.
e.    No CD’s will be accepted on the day of the competition.
f.     Cassette tapes are not allowed.
g.    Group representative are not allowed in the control booth during performance.
h.   Music submitted on CD will be on digital format to ensure errorless playback during competition. Cd’s will be brought to the competition as BACK-UP.
a.    This may include accessories such as hats, caps, gloves, scarves, jewelry and other forms of THEATRICAL dress. However, bead necklace, bracelet, or other accessories made of Beads are PROHOBITED.
b.   Props may be allowed in the performance as long as it doesn’t destroy the stage set up or flooring or those that may harm other group’s performance.
c.    Body oils, body paints, body and hair glitters are prohibited as is any other substance applied to the Body that may affect the clean dry surface of the stage and the safety of fellow competitors.
7.   Chronology of performance will be base from a draw lots on the day of the competition (December 09, 2011). Drawn spots are final and no changes will be entertained.
8.   Elimination Round: The five groups with the highest rank will compete again for the FINAL round. (Back to zero basis).

NOTE: Elimination and Final round will follow same criteria.

The sequence of performance shall be decided through drawing of lots to be done prior to the show proper.

NOTE: All groups must be in the event venue, 1 hour before the start of the competition

A.   Content 30%
a.    Variety of dance positions, dance movements, and/or combinations as appropriate to the specific dance.
b.   Difficulty of dance movements and/or combinations from one dance position or alignment to another.
c.    Uniqueness or originality of dance movements and/or combinations from one dance position or alignment to another, to include presentation of dance position.
d.   Continuity of dance movements and/or combinations to either interpret dance theme and music, or to demonstrate dance control. This refers to exceptional phrasing which includes spontaneous adjustments of dance pattern for irregularly phrased musical selections.
B.   Execution 30%
a.    Basic pattern, rhythm, timing, and initial phrasing between partners and to the selected music. For correctly phrased musical selections, phrasing may be shifted for momentary variation, but generally should be maintained throughout the specific dance.
b.   Proper performance of footwork, hand, head, arm, and body movements through dance variations; to include balance and centering through executed movements.
c.    Alignment, framework, and proper presentation of dance positions; to include smoothness of follow–through from movement into position; to demonstrate properly initiated lead and follow technique from position into movement.
C.   Style 30%
a.    Artistic interpretation and choreography projected through dance movement as it relates to the selected music and the specified dance category.
b.   Attentiveness, enthusiasm, enjoyment of the dance, and general good partnership as perceived through appropriate presentation of lead and follow roles.
c.    Flair and accent of dance movement, generating an atmosphere and instilling a mood appropriate to the specific dance category.
D.  Audience Impact 10%
Total of 100%
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Prepared By:
Jennifer L. Vez
Dance Craze Committee

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